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The Body

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Dear friends of The Journal of Humanistic Psychiatry,

I hope you enjoy our Summer 2018 issue which has The Body, as major theme. Our front cover in this number is a plaster with the shape of a body recovered from Pompeii. In our Icons of Psychiatry section, the circumstances surrounding the tragedy of Pompeii are discussed. In the article section, Carlos writes an article about slavery in Roman times through different tombstones recovered without their bodies. Simon discusses the meaning of the corpse from a metaphysical and religious viewpoints. George writes and interesting article about Charles Atlas and media culture about the body at the time. In our cinema section, Miriam discusses anorexia through controversial film Superstar  and Hale explains transgender issues in Tomorrow Never Knows. Finally in our free text section, we are publishing a horror story: The Curse of the Hanged.

Now we are collecting for our upcoming issues which thees will be Addiction for the Fall Issue and The Afterlife for the next Winter Issue. Thanks to the efforts of the members of this journal and the encouragement of our readers this journal will continue to be free online and available to all readers and users without advertisements or commercials.


Fernando Espi Forcen