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Dear friends of The Journal of Humanistic Psychiatry,

I hope you enjoy our Summer 2017 issue which has Technology as major theme. Our front cover in this number are the four Neanderthal bone tools found in Abri Peyrony (France). Before our species, likely Neanderthals approached nature technologically. In this issue Eric Tiede writes an essay on modern technology applied to traditional therapies in psychiatry. IPhone addiction explores in a creative and humorous way the pros and cons of smartphone use in society. Our beloved design editor, Gonzalo Ovejero discusses how new information and communication technologies might impact our brains and the way we work and interact with other human beings. Doug McWilliams writes an interesting article about popular videogame "Bioshock" and its relation to psychology and psychiatry. In our cinema section, the neuroscientific and existential implications of classic 80's film "Robocop" are analyzed.

Now we are collecting for our upcoming issues which will have The Paranormal as theme for the Fall Issue and Envy for the Winter Issue. Thanks to the efforts of the members of this journal and the encouragement of our readers this journal will continue to be free online and available to all readers and users without advertisements or commercials.

Last but not the least we have now a Creative Commons License and a Facebook page titled Humanistic Psychiatry. Please feel free to liked our Facebook page :)


Fernando Espi Forcen