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The Existence

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Dear friends of The Journal of Humanistic Psychiatry,

I hope you enjoy our Winter 2021 issue which has The Existence, as major theme. In this issue we reflect on philosophical aspects about existence and the origins of our universe. Also we have one article discussing a social worker's reflections on existing after his experience working on a psych unit. We have several articles, book and film reviews discussing existential therapies and books about existences.

Existence entails different dimensions, orders and approaches. A person may reflect on their own existence of the self and at the same time wonder about the entire existence of the world.

We are still collecting articles for our winter issue which has Justice as major theme. 

Thanks to the efforts of the members of this journal and the encouragement of our readers this journal will continue to be free online and available to all readers and users without advertisements or commercials.


Fernando Espí Forcén