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The Afterlife

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Dear friends of The Journal of Humanistic Psychiatry,

I hope you enjoy our Winter 2019 issue which has The Afterlife, as major theme. Our front cover in this number is Ascent of The Blessed by Hieronymus Bosch. Our Editor's note section discuss the afterlife and consciousness.  In this issue there our two essays about the afterlife and psychedelics. Manuel writes an essay about the afterlife under the guidance of psilocybin. Michael narrates a personal experience on the afterlife during an ayahuasca ceremony. In our articles section, Hannah explains the afterlife from a Catholic viewpoint.  Sanya discusses the afterlife in Hinduism and Kumail writes an article about the beginning of life after mortal life in Islam. To conclude this section, George authors an article about psychological theories on the afterlife.  In our cinema section, Joseph Lovett's film Children of the Inquisition is analyzed. Our free section contains a commentary about a picture taken in Colombia by Señor Ivan Escobar.

Now we are collecting for our upcoming issues which themes will be  Jealousy  for the Spring Issue and Fanaticism for the Summer Issue. Thanks to the efforts of the members of this journal and the encouragement of our readers this journal will continue to be free online and available to all readers and users without advertisements or commercials.


Fernando Espi Forcen