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Instructions for Authors

Manuscripts should be submitted via email to Dr. Fernando Espi Forcen ([email protected]) to be reviewed by the scientific committee. After that, authors will be contacted to communicate the determination regarding the publication of their manuscripts. Each issue is centered around one theme (e.g. love, death, dreams...). Upcoming themes are announced in each issue. The Journal of Humanistic Psychiatry has several sections:

Articles: Writers can submit articles about a specific topic on the history of psychiatry, arts and psychiatry, biographies of important figures in the field, aspects that may help us re-think our history or discussion of current issues from an analytical or historical perspective. (Approximately 1500 words)

Essays: Potential authors can comment on a theme that applies to our field. (Approximately 500 words)

Icons of Psychiatry: Authors can comment on a specific painting or image that portrays an interesting topic in the field. If image is copyrighted, permission should be obtained prior to submission. (Approximately 500 words)

Cinema and Psychiatry: In this section authors can review a film and explain why it is related to mental health. (Approximately 250-500 words)

Book reviews: Authors can review a book that relates to psychiatry and humanities (Approximately 250-500 words)

Music and Psychiatry: The Journal accept short essays about songs or music themes that relate to psychology and psychiatry. (Approximately 250-500 words)

Poetry: Authors are encouraged to submit poetry that is congruent with the scope and mission of the Journal

Free Text: This space is dedicated to unorthodox creative writing

The number of words for each type of manuscript is flexible and can be discussed case by case with editor.