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Volume 8 · Issue 2


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JHP Spring 2020Editor’s Note

  • The Pandemic and The System

Icons of Psychiatry

  • Symbolism in Bosch’s Temptations of Saint Anthony and Monastic Confinement


  • “From The Notorious B.I.G.’s ‘Suicidal Thoughts’ to G Herbo’s ‘PTSD’: How Rap Music Is Addressing Mental Health
  • Flash Point: Emergency Psychiatry In The Course Of A Pandemic


  • Man’s Search For Meaning And The COVID-19 Pandemic: Psychiatry Resident’s Reflections:
  • Finding Meaning Amidst A Pandemic
  • Finding Meaning In Uncertain Times
  • Mental Peace Amidst a War of Nerves
  • Discovering Opportunity Amidst Social Isolation
  • Social Connection In A Physically Distanced World: The Psychology Of “Raving From A Distance”

Music and Psychiatry

  • Grief And a Beautiful Paradox

Cinema and Psychiatry

  • Cabin Fever in The Shining

Book Reviews

  • Delirium Culmination: The Moustache by Emmanuel Carrère