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Volume 3 · Issue 4

Dreams and Consciousness

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Editor’s Note
-Three Years of a Conscious Dream
Icons of psychiatry
– The Origin of Human Consciousness
– Përhumbje (Perdition)

– Future Humans. Speculations Towards the Evolution of Current Humans in Michel Houellebecq.
– Losing My Mind
– On Being a Hipster, Consciously or Not

– The Meaning of Dreams
– Between Space and Consciousness- The Final Frontier

Cinema and psychiatry
– Exploring the Possibility of a Conscious Artificial Intelligence in Ex Machina

Music and Psychiatry
– Charles Bradley: The “American Dream” that Came True

Book Reviews
– Book X of Plato’s Republic: On The Arts and The Immortality of The Soul

Free Text
– The Journalf of Humanistic Psychiatry Travels The World