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Volume 2 · Issue 3

Music and Dance

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Editor’s Note
– The Healing Power of Music

Icons of psychiatry
– Dancing with Death
– Haldol Classic

– The Riot
– Narcissus in DSM
– What Can Eminem and Rihanna’s “Monsters” Tell Us about Psychiatry?
– One Fine Thing

– Still Here! Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd
– While My Guitar Gently Weeps: Rock and Psychiatry
– Music Therapy: Indian Perspective

Cinema and psychiatry
– Forensic Psychiatry Aspects of Chicago, The Musical
– The Cave of Forgotten Dreams and The Origins of Art and Music
– Woody Allen, A Documentary

Book/Paper Reviews
– Social Reinsertion For The Poor and The Mentally Ill By Giginta
– Psychopathology, Limit Situations And The Abandonment Of The Aunthentic Being