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Volume 3 · Issue 3

Shame and Guilt

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Editor’s Note
– Universal Shame and Guilt

Icons of psychiatry
– The Expulsion from The Garden of Eden by Masaccio
– The Battle of Centaurs and Lapiths

– Failure is (not) an option

– Shame and Guilt for The First Murder: The Mark of Cain
– William Stoughton’s Shame Avoidance at The Salem Witch Trials
– Shame and Guilt – for Better and for Worse
– Effects of Cinema on Psychological Wellbeing: Time for an Unhappy Ending?

Cinema and psychiatry
– Mass Hysteria in The Hunt by Thomas Vinterberg

Music and Psychiatry
– Kurt Cobain’s Shame and Guilt

Free Text
– A Psychiatrist’s Odyssey to The Oracle in Delphi
– ¡Mamá Adiós Nueva York!