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Volume 4 · Issue 1


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Editor’s Note

  • A Platonic Friendship

Icons of psychiatry

  • Portrait of a Man and his Dog
  • Reflecting on Relationships and Immortality
  • The Laetoli Footprints: An Early Evidence of Human Attachment


  • Friend
  • Sofocles Maternal (Maternal Sophocles) – Befriending Your Ex


  • Man’s Best Friend. A History of Love between Dogs and Men in The Ancient World and The Middle Ages
  • Friendship in Art, Philosophy and Medicine

Cinema and psychiatry

  • Dersu Uzala

Music and Psychiatry

  • Music and Being, and The Frienship Between – Amigo Del Demonio (Friend of The Devil)

Book Reviews

  • Crazy

Free Text

  • Friendship
  • The “Trip” to The Cabin in The Woods: On Psychedelics and Friendship –
  • Making Friends at The Philosophy Meetup